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Our firm is an affiliation of professionals working together to produce quality driven project outcomes that are thoughtful, materially appropriate, and carefully detailed. We are committed to excellence and to exploring the rich potential for a collaborative process in the generation of design solutions that play a role in shaping and enhancing the quality of life.

MtM Design provides full service architectural design and design management.

Architectural Design Services

Architectural design services include the full spectrum of activities required to solve a building problem and see it through construction. Typically these are expressed as phases in the development of a solution and encompass the following:

Programming and analysis of the Client’s needs, and the documentation of them

Conceptual problem solving

Schematic Design

Design Development

Construction Documentation

Bidding and solicitation of proposals for contractors, construction managers, or design-builders Construction phase administration

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Design Management

Design management includes a wide range of services intended to assist an Owner in their performance of the many activities and decision making duties that must be fulfilled during the development and construction of a project. MtM Design provides executive level representation for an Owner either internally as a consultant working with its management team or externally as an Owner’s representative to its design and build team.

Consulting Services

Consulting services may encompass the following:

Data collection and organizational surveys to develop building program needs

Program evaluation

Writing and administering requests for qualifications and proposals

Consultant team interviews and selection

Design critique and solution review

Design document quality review and interdisciplinary coordination review (“peer review” of another architect’s work)

Representation Services

Representation services may encompass the following:

Comprehensive program management
This service provides overall project leadership and decision making within an agreed upon framework on the Owner’s behalf. This level of service is often desirable for very busy Owners who cannot invest the time, or do not have internal personnel qualified to lead the development of a building project.

Executive architect services
In certain cases, the Owner may want an executive architect to coordinate and lead the work of another A/E or design-build team, or the work of several collaborating architects and engineers. In a complex project with many phases or a large multi-building program this could be an advantage for the Owner, who will benefit from having an architect in the coordination and leadership role who is not also an advocate for a particular project solution. In these cases, MtM Design has only the Owner’s goals in mind while performing analysis and decision making duties.

Project management
Working as the Owner’s representative with a team of consultants, MtM Design may perform project management, thus saving the Owner’s personnel to focus on their business while gaining the expert perspective and talents of an architect to execute the many duties required of the Owner during design and construction of a project. Project management services may include the consulting services outlined as internal Owner activities, and the following representational services:

  • Coordination of information and data exchange with the consulting team

  • Scheduling

  • Conducting programming and design meetings

  • Manage decision making processes

  • Design review, construction documents review

  • Budget analysis and review

  • Bid analysis and review

  • Review and develop General and Supplemental Conditions, Owner / Contractor Contract

  • Conduct construction phase Owner / Architect / Contractor meetings

  • Contractor submittal review

  • Review and approval of Change Proposal Requests, Architect’s Supplemental Instructions, Change Orders, and other construction phase documentation

  • Perform field observations and reports

  • Process applications for payment

  • Preliminary and final inspections of completed work

  • Process project close out documents