MtM Design Architecture and Design Management St Louis

Mission & Values

Profile and Mission

MtM Design was founded by architect Michael Moran as a platform for collaboration on building projects. Every project considered by a client will eventually require a tight working team of allied professionals who will envision, design, and build it. Our work approach is to build the best design and construction team for a client’s particular needs and thereby deliver the highest standard of quality in creativity, problem solving, and service. Our aim is to deliver to our clients the most accommodating, delightful, and beautiful spaces, whether for living or working, and to create buildings that fully support and enhance their lives and/or their business objectives. We believe that such a building is invariably designed to be in harmony with the environment in which it is constructed, whether urban or rural, maximizing the efficient use of the client’s capital and operational resources.

Michael Moran worked in corporate and design-build architectural practices for 25 years prior to founding MtM Design LLC. His experiences reinforced that success in any endeavor is built upon robust and respectful collaboration conducted with a democratic spirit directed and tempered by strong leadership.


MtM Design works only with inspired partners. Inspiration is conferred upon the deserving mind, and while it comes in moments of abandonment and transcendence, it is nevertheless impossible without groaning effort, and the painful winning of skill. We hold that the following traits set forth by Robert Grudin in The Grace of Great Things are essential qualities in our creative teammates and seek out those who exhibit them.

Passion for Work
the delight of being totally within one’s own element

renewing daily contact with project challenges and setting no time limit on our involvement

Love of the Problematic
the creative mind instinctively loves problems, not only because it loves to draw its own conclusions but for the sheer fun of venturing into something new

Love of Beauty
no activity or expression of the human mind need be devoid of beauty

in thinking the original, we risk thinking the ridiculous; boldness therefore implies a courage toward ideas

the exercise of fidelity instills the habit of seeing every major juncture in a given study as a part of a process rather than a thing in itself; so armed one is less vulnerable to distraction, procrastination and other symptoms of despair

Innocence and Playfulness
investigators who insist on building exclusively upon past findings equip themselves for defeat; inventive people, unbiased by tradition or the phantom of certainty, are open to discovery without embarrassment

great innovators address their own studies with appreciation, deference, and humility, and excel in activities like the revision or destruction of their own inferior work; the creative mind gives respect and patience to even the smallest detail

inspiration is profoundly linked to memory; while inspired insight may be the revelation of something completely new, it also the rediscovery of something always true

A Sense of Openness
inventive people live with an absurd but indispensable trust that the next idea that comes to them may be totally new